Ernesto 'Che' Guevara


Whether Guevara's actions were merely part of a larger, repeating cycle that resembles the continual changes of season in nature where old, corrupt dictators are overthrown by young, idealistic revolutionaries only later to become old corrupt dictators themselves is something I've considered. It is true, the world has always experienced power struggles akin to this pattern, it can be easily seen in Fidel Castro.

What happens when you compare the idealistic, uncompromising Fidel of 1959 to the seasoned and more compromising Fidel of 2001? There are changes, certainly, just as there likely could have occurred in Che had he lived to an older age. It's a possibility that I don't deny. However, as long as the world has been spinning and as long as revolutionaries have tossed wrenches into the cogs of the status quo, I don't believe there ever was quite a character as can be seen in Che. What I believe is that the lessons of his youth and the actions of his life had certainly forged what Jean-Paul Sartre called "the most complete human being of our age."