Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Images of Che

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Photos of Che. These are mostly original images I collected or photographs I took in Cuba while studying there.

arrow   Statue of Che. A fellow student in Havana took this picture on a return trip. The monument is located in the center of the island, at Santa Clara.
arrow   Che with a cigar. This is part of a room full of black and white Che shots in the Museum of the Revolution, which was once the Presidential Palace.
arrow   Coffin used to transport Che's remains when they were found in Bolivia and returned in 1997.
arrow   Che Collage at La Cabaña del Morro, in his former office when stationed here shortly after the triumph of the Revolution. It is composed not only of Che photos, but also pictures of various revolutionary events.
arrow   Plaque presented by the Government of Argentina on the date of Che's (official) birthday, June 14th, of 1997 at the aforementioned office.
arrow   Che Guevara, part of a 1868-1968 series showing the martyrs of Cuban history, with important contextual backgrounds.
arrow   Che broadcasting on Radio Rebelde. This 1998 stamp commemorates the 40th anniversary of the guerrilla radio station. Tell me this wouldn't have made a great cover for Rage Against the Machine's single "Guerrilla Radio."
arrow   Che Guevara, on the coolest stamp in my collection, it's not even canceled. Stamp year 1968. I even managed to find this image on a T-shirt too. Joy.
arrow   A General Cuban Postcard. ["Vista Parciales"]. This card features, at left, the illuminated sculpture of Che at the Plaza de la Revolución; at top right, monument to Afro-Cuban independence hero general Antonio Maceo; at bottom right, a statue of Jose Martí.
arrow   Wall size picture of Che in his former office at La Cabaña. ["Cuba: La Habana '94." By O. Ronny Leva].
arrow   Fidel and Che with Others staring into the camera during the guerrilla campaign. [En Plena Guerra, 1957]. This has got to be my all time favorite picture.
arrow   Fidel giving a speech, flanked by Che and Camilo Cienfuegos. ["Che, Fidel y Camilo, Tres Comandantes," 1959. By Raul Corrales].
arrow   Raul Castro, Augusto Martínez Sanchez, Che, Juan Almeida, and Ramiro Valdez, at the Plaza de La Revolucion in 1959. [By Raul Corrales].
arrow   Close up of Che. ["1ra comparencia del CHE en la TV cubana," 14 septiembre 1959. By Raul Corrales].

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