Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Papers I've Written on Che or Cuba

Directly related to Che

arrow   A Comparison of Che and Daoism/Taoism founder Lao-Zi. A short paper noting the similarities in their personal lives and their political beliefs.

On Cuban Governmental actions taken based on Che's Internationalist influence posthumously

arrow   My final paper for HIST 379 in the spring of 1998, this research paper discusses Cuban Internationalism in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1975-1991.
arrow   In between my thesis below and the project listed above, I wrote a paper in Cuba entitled entitled "Cuban Opinions on Internationalism in Africa." It's more or less a journalistic survey based on interviews with a variety of Cubans in the Havana area on aspects of the intervention in Angola. Among others, questions include "Was it truly voluntary to serve, as the government maintains?" and "What is your estimate of the casualties of the 16 year operation?" since this information is still jealously guarded by the Castro administration.

Other Salient Works

arrow   My Thesis on the Failure of Socialist Development in Cuba and Mozambique. The culmination of one of my majors, this 47-pager puts forth the hypothesis that "...the socialist system as applied [in Cuba and Mozambique] was not riven with inherent flaws and thus an inappropriate model, but that external factors are to be considered far more accountable for the current unfavorable economic and political conditions in these two countries."
arrow   "The Embargo of Cuba, A Contemporary Debate Bilaterally Undergirded by Selected Ideas from Western Political Philosophers." A short paper pointing out how both the United States and Cuba selectively draw justification for their actions from many of the same political theorists.
arrow   A Review of Aline Helg's Our Rightful Share: The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality 1886-1912. Also written for HIST 379 "The Cuban Revolution: Historical Origins," this paper outlines a period of tumultuous race relations in turn of the century Cuba.