Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Further Web Resources

These lists provide links to some suggested Ernesto Che Guevara web sites on the Internet, pro-Che, anti-Che and everything in between. Also provided are links to related topics, such as Granma Internacional, the Zapatistas (EZLN) in Mexico, MOVE, etc. Be advised however, some can be extremely opinionated.

Socialist, Revolutionary and other Che Guevara pages

arrow   "Granma's" Che Page. (Spanish).
arrow (Spanish-English).
arrow   "The Che Guevara Page".
arrow   Chriz's Che Page.
arrow   "Chez Guevara". Compilation of Links
arrow's Che site.
arrow   Cuba SI discussion group's list of links.
arrow   Michelle's Che page. Unique, I'd say
arrow   the M-LP's excellent Che biography.
arrow   a Three-Part Concise Biography.
arrow   French-Francais.
arrow   Spanish-Espanol. (Cuban)
arrow   Spanish-Espanol. (Mexico)
arrow   Italian-Italiano.
arrow   Italian-Italiano. (Documents)
arrow   Swedish-Svensk.
arrow   German-Deutsch.
arrow   Cuba salutes Che (
arrow   "Forever Until Victory".
arrow   a Commentary on the Guevara Legacy.
arrow   "Che Guevara's Dubious Legacy".
arrow   Photos.
arrow   Italian Photo Archive.
arrow   This site has a large download of info.
arrow   My Religion Paper on Daoism founder, Lao-Zi, and Che.
arrow   My Political Science Paper on the Philosophical Arguments surrounding the Cuban Embargo.
arrow   "My Paper on Cuba's Internationalist Efforts in Angola".
arrow   "Granma Internacional".
arrow   My Cuban Revolution class w/ Prof. Luis Figueroa's page.
arrow   "Armando's "Gallery for Cuba"".
arrow   "(La)" Varied Resources.
arrow   "Cuban Solidarity, also Varied".
arrow   "Cuba Web".
arrow   "Links to Radical Networks".
arrow   Song for Fidel Castro by Che.
arrow   e e cummings' "I sing of Olaf glad and big".
arrow   the Story of MOVE.
arrow   the main Web Page of the EZLN.
arrow   Communiques of the EZLN.
arrow   Interviews with the EZLN.
arrow   the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico.

Socialist, Revolutionary and other Che Guevara pages (OK, I like their music and lyrics, but people who bitch about hypocrites really irritate me)
arrow   The Official RATM Page (complete with an on-line store...).
arrow   Causes supported by RATM.
arrow   Chriz's Ragepage.
arrow   The Books in the RATM Album Cover.
arrow   Yahoo's Directory of RATM sites.

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (a favorite of Che, singer Tom Cochrane, and myself) and Colombian Poet / Writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez pages
arrow   University of Chile's Pablo Neruda Site (English).
arrow   of Chile's Pablo Neruda Site (Spanish, but better).
arrow   The Pablo Neruda Poetry Page.
arrow   Review of "Il Postino".
arrow   Katharena's Pablo Page.
arrow   Nobel Prize Archive's Winner for Literature (1971).
arrow's Bibliography of Neruda Books Available.
arrow   'Ode to Cats'.
arrow   Yahoo's Directory of Neruda sites.
arrow   Another GGM site.